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Immunology and diagnostics



Antibodies, cytokines, signal transfection, kinases, ELISA/ arrays/ assays

Biomedica Immunoassays offers validated, high-quality ELISAS for clinical biomarkers in the field of cardiorenal and bone disorders. Development of ELISA assays and analytical custom testing service.

Instrument and Panels for modern, high-throughput molecular profiling in oncology and autoimmune diseases.



Primary and secondary antibodies


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FISH probes – Haematology, Pathology, Oncology and Prenatal


Specialised in research and clinical-grade reagents for assessing thrombosis and haemostasis.

Routine and specialised plastics for biomolecular applications, microplates, centrifuge tubes, imaging, etc.

Restriction & modifying enzymes, protein tools, next generations sequencing PCR, cellular imaging

Wide range of reagents and consumables for Sanger sequencing including alternatives to BigDye® Terminator and POP™ Polymer.

Supplies for clinical diagnostics i.e. controls and stain sets for mycobacteriology, bacteriology, parasitology and mycology.


Instrumentation and kits for DNA/RNA extraction.



Specialised in detection kits for immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence


Our partner in lysis and extraction with their NAxtra™ nucleic acid extraction kits (CE-IVD) validated for manual and automated protocols


Performance, quality and flexibility in immunodetection. Cellular assays, ELISA and Muliplex ELISA assays for a wide variety of analytes.


Specialised medical plastics for molecular diagnostics and molecular virology applications.


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