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Immunology and diagnostics


Antibodies, cytokines, signal transfection, kinases, ELISA/ arrays/ assays

Biomedica Immunoassays offers validated, high-quality ELISAS for clinical biomarkers in the field of cardiorenal and bone disorders. Development of ELISA assays and analytical custom testing service.

Instrument and Panels for modern, high-throughput molecular profiling in oncology and autoimmune diseases.



Primary and secondary antibodies


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FISH probes – Haematology, Pathology, Oncology and Prenatal


Specialised in research and clinical-grade reagents for assessing thrombosis and haemostasis.

Routine and specialised plastics for biomolecular applications, microplates, centrifuge tubes, imaging, etc.

Restriction & modifying enzymes, protein tools, next generations sequencing PCR, cellular imaging

Wide range of reagents and consumables for Sanger sequencing including alternatives to BigDye® Terminator and POP™ Polymer.

Supplies for clinical diagnostics i.e. controls and stain sets for mycobacteriology, bacteriology, parasitology and mycology.


Automated systems and panels for molecular diagnostics of infections diseases

Specialised in detection kits for immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence

Specialised medical plastics for molecular diagnostics and molecular virology applications.


Performance, quality and flexibility in immunodetection. Cellular assays, ELISA and Muliplex ELISA assays for a wide variety of analytes.



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