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Immunology & diagnostics

Immunology & diagnostics

We strive to offer comprehensive workflow solutions in immunology and diagnostics, encompassing key reagents, instruments and plastics.

High-quality of products, trust relationship with the manufacturer and reliability in the delivery are three points of extreme importance which BioNordika aims to set a standard for every day. Some of the central technologies used today in molecular diagnostics are ELISA, IHC, FISH, qPCR, Microarrays and Next-Generation Sequencing.


The BioNordika Group has a long tradition within immunology. We are the official business partner for manufacturers specialised in solutions for immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation (IP and ChIP) and immunoassays, including:


  • primary antibodies
  • secondary antibodies
  • biotin-avidin kits for detection and labelling of molecules
  • activators & inhibitors
  • ELISA kits
  • Specialised plastics


Our business partners are world leading suppliers and manufacturers in tools for molecular diagnostics and biomarker detection, mainly located in Europe and USA.

We work intimately with partners specialised in:


  • Thrombosis, Haemostasis and platelet aggregation profiling
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) probes for diagnostics of liquid and solid tumours as well as prenatal and postnatal diagnostics
  • High-quality ELISAs for clinical research in the field of cardiorenal, bone and mineral disorders
  • NGS-based molecular profiling of different target genes in oncology and autoimmune diseases
  • Multiplexed molecular diagnostic panels for infectious diseases, veterinary use and food pathogens
  • Sample preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing
  • Quality Control slides and stain sets for bacteriology, parasitology and mycology


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