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    Microplate Selection Guide

    - Explore the world of microplates!


    Continued progress in research and related technologies, such as microscopy, imaging, detection and liquid handling systems, has given rise to a wide variety of
    platforms used in basic science, biotechnology and pharmaceutical drug development.


    Today, researchers need to select application-specific microplates among a broad range of products that differ in format, design, base material, colour and surface properties. The intent of this brochure is to provide an overview of microplates available from Greiner Bio-One, with a focus on applications.



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    Cell Signaling Technology





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    Buy 3 and Get a 4th product FREE!



    Fill up your freezer with your favourite antibodies! When you order 3 products or more from CST, we will give you an additional product of your choice for free. Offer is valid until December 31st 2016.



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      Cell Signaling Technology





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    Don't Wait Until Dec 31st.
    Upgrade to CST Now.


    On Dec 31st Santa Cruz Biotechnology (SCBT) will continue a alrge number of its polyclonal antibody products.

    - We’ll make it easy to switch from SCBT to CST!


    To find the equivalent CST product number for your SCBT product visit www.cellsignal.com/SCBT