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Date: 17th November 2021
Time: 15.00-15:45 CET

Title: Advancing life science research by refining transfection: strategies and tips


Welcome to our webinar on Transfection tips with our partner Polyplus.

Transfection is an indispensable tool for studies conducted in mammalian cells, whether they are related to basic research, proof-of-principle studies or high-throughput screenings. Chemical transfection reagents are the most widely used tools to introduce different types of nucleic acids into cells due to their ease of use and low toxicity. To achieve efficient nucleic acid delivery there are a few key steps that should be taken into consideration. Polyplus-transfection delivery experts propose solutions for challenging cells and address some of the most common concerns that may arise during transfection.


Speaker: Maria Nicla Loviglio, PhD, (Scientific Support Specialist Polyplus)


Nicla completed her MSc. at the University of Bari (Italy) and obtained her PhD in Integrative Experimental and Computational Biology at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). She continued specializing in Genetics at the Center for Human Disease Modeling (Duke University, US) and as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire (France) prior to joining Polyplus-transfection.