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Date: 30th March 2021
Time: 15.00-16.00


Don’t miss our joint webinar with our partners Cayman and ORIGENE. Learn about tools for studying Apoptosis & Cell Death and take your chance to pose questions to an expert.

Our invited speakers are Dr. Chandni Patel (Biochemist and Drug Discovery Cayman) and Dr. Barbara Herr (Sales and Marketing Manager OriGene).




Dr. Chandni Patel,
Biochemist, Drug Discovery Cayman

Hear it from the expert:

Cell death occurs for both physiological and pathological reasons. Varying modes of death are either programmed to safely remove healthy cells that are no longer useful or to stimulate an inflammatory response to clear cells that are useful but no longer healthy. The major types of cell death have key morphological and biochemical hallmarks that can be used as markers to help distinguish among these processes. A broad collection of assay kits, probes, antibodies, activators, and inhibitors from Cayman can be used to study the features of various cell death pathways.

Dr. Barbara Herr,

Sales and Marketing Manager OriGene

Hear it from the expert:

When scientists observe changed levels of cell death in their research model, OriGene can support the scientist to answer the question “why” or “how”. Therefore, different techniques will be introduced, ranging from overexpressing genes via cDNA clones, detecting interesting targets on protein level with antibodies and confirming findings with tools like siRNA, shRNA and CRISPR. This webinar will also provide information on miRNAs as tools in apoptosis related research.

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