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Our joint webinar will focus on detection of ALK and related biomarkers from different points of view, both in diagnostics and research contexts.

This event is scheduled for May 19th, at 2:00 PM CET. Register today! Link below.

Cytocell (DNA)      

“The Genetics of NSCLC: The applicability of FISH to diagnosis, prognostication and patient management”


HTG Molecular Diagnostics (RNA)

”Extraction-free RNA diagnostics and lung fusion testing from single FFPE sections”


Cell Signaling Technology (Protein-Antibody)

“Cancer Biomarkers for Immunohistochemistry: from Alk to Zap70”


About our partners:

Cytocell is a part of Oxford Gene Technologies and specialises in FISH probes, reagents and consumables for cytogenetic analysis in diagnostics and research. They have a rich experience in cytogenetic diagnostics applied to haematology and solid tumours.

HTG Molecular Diagnostics has an innovative and efficient technology for transcriptome profiling in translational medicine contexts. Their panels focus different endpoints, from cancer to autoimmune, and provide a broader horizon for the modern day molecular pathologist.

Cell Signaling Technology is one of our eldest partners with a vast experience in antibody production and validation. Their exceptional performance antibodies provide superior detection in a wide number of applications, e.g. immunohistochemistry, ELISA, western-blot.