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Discovering the optimal conditions to crystallize your favourite protein can be a tedious, time-consuming, and expensive process. Multiple variables such as salinity, pH, temperature, the presence of ligands, and more can all affect the end result.

The use of a pre-made screen, allows you to increase the investigated chemical space by testing multiple conditions at once. This can save you both time and anxiety about issues rising from user error or contaminations and allow you to focus on optimization and analysis.

The Morpheus® family of crystallization screens from Molecular Dimensions comprises eight specifically designed screens to improve your success at obtaining crystals of your favourite protein.


The Morpheus® Family at a glance:

The latest addition – Morpheus® Fusion

Building on Morpheus® I, II, and III – Molecular Dimensions’ Morpheus® Fusion crystallization screens further simplify efforts to investigate the optimal crystallization conditions for your protein of interest – both soluble and membrane bound!

Morpheus® Fusion combines the wide range of chemical conditions of sparse matrix screens, with the precision of a grid screen in an incomplete factorial design. Promotion of crystal formation is achieved under relatively mild, cryoprotected chemical conditions, with the 96 unique conditions incorporating additive mixtures from Morpheus®  III, and III, as well as low molecular weight ligands. The use of PEGs as precipitants allows for Morpheus® Fusion to be applied in investigations of normally challenging samples, such as membrane proteins, and complexes.


Would you like to know more?

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