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Quick guide to get started with immunohistochemistry double staining

– ImmPRESS Duet Double staining polymer kit (Vector)

Staining the same tissue for two different targets at the same time is not only a great way to increase the information you get from the experiment. It can be used for visualizing different cell types, location of proteins in cell or different tissues, not to mention different proteins close to each other. Adding a second antibody to the mix does not significantly increase the time for the staining procedure, so you can even save time.

Benefits of ImmPRESS Duet:

-Excellent sensitivity

-Easily distinguishable colors – brown (DAB) and magenta (Vector red)

-All the reagents in ready-to-use formulations

-Contains the blocking reagents, duet polymer and the substrates

-No biotin based reagents – no need for avidin-bioting blocking step

Quick guide for getting started with double stainings (human tissue)

MP-7714-15 ImmPRESS® Duet Double Staining Polymer Kit
(HRP – Anti-Rabbit IgG-brown, AP – Anti-Mouse IgG-magenta)

  • Select two primary antibodies against your protein of interest, one with rabbit IgG, one mouse IgG
  • Check if your tissue of interest has endogenous peroxidase activity
  • Follow the kit protocol, the only thing that needs to be optimized is the incubation times for primary antibodies. ImmPACT DAB EqV Substrate for 2–10 minutes and ImmPACT Vector Red Substrate for 20–30 minutes
  • Enjoy the results!

The full user guide can be downloaded from here.

P.S: Do you want to do double stainings, but not in human tissue? Get in contact with our product specialist