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Cell Biology & Molecular biology


Antibodies, peptides, labeling kits & proteins

High-purity detergents and lipids for membrane protein structural studies, structural- and functional biology work or chemical synthesis.

Tissue culture media, supplements, sera. Custom formulations available

Assay kits, antibodies & biochemicals


Antibodies, cytokines, signal transfection, kinases, ELISA/ arrays/ assays

Human primary cells + special media

Transilluminators (visual light) for detection of DNA, RNA and proteins

Electrophoresis, power supplies, blotting, imaging systems, radiation safety, glove boxes and bacteria incubators

Host cell protein and other process-related impurity detection and analytics as well as in innovative viral clearance solutions.

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FISH probes – Haematology, Pathology, Oncology and Prenatal

Solutions for Epigenetics research including sonication based shearing devices, reagent kits & antibodies

Wide range of reagents and consumables for Sanger sequencing including alternatives to BigDye® Terminator and POP™ Polymer.

Custom Services- Antibodies /Peptides/ Oligos/ Gensynthesis/ Biopanning Reagents for PCR and Real time PCR

Microplates 96, 384 and 1536, TC plastics, centrifuge tubes etc

Assay kits for nuclear receptors


Primary & adult stem cells, pluripotent stem cells, cell culture products, transfection, electrophoresis 

Protein stability & crystallization 

Instrumentation and kits for DNA/RNA extraction

Nanodrop instruments
measuring nucleic acid concentrations from small sample

Restriction & modifying enzymes, protein tools, next generations sequencing PCR, cellular imaging


Human cDNA full length clones– transfection ready, recombinent proteins, cell extract and antibodies

Media, biochemicals and supplies for plant tissue culture, plant biotechnology and plant scientific research.

Custom transfection service and reagents for transfection of DNA, siRNA/ mRNA and proteins

Custom service, sample preparation products and separation kits

Molecular tools (siRNA & microRNA) for gene silencing via RNAi, Toll-like-receptor 3 ligands for immune cell activation


Primary and secondary  antibodies

Fractioning for Next Generation Sequencing

RNAi, CRISPR-Cas9, Gene expression


Detection kits for immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence

Enzymes for tissue dissociation, collagenase etc

Performance, quality and flexibility in immunodetection. Cellular assays, ELISA and Muliplex ELISA assays for a wide variety of analytes.

Proteins, assays, antibodies and small molecules within inflammation and immune response.

Qkine develops and manufactures the highest purity, most reliable growth factors, cytokines, and other novel proteins

Products in the field of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs). Isolation kits, AB´s, spin columns, ELIZA kits and FACS kits.

Validated, high-quality ELISAS for clinical biomarkers in the field of cardiorenal and bone disorders. Development of ELISA assays and analytical custom testing service.

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