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Count cells like a boss

Cell counting is a fundamental quality control procedure in research. It’s simple, but it’s also error-prone, time-consuming, and highly subjective. BioNordika is now proudly representing Logos Biosystems automated cell counters of the LUNA™ family.

The LUNA™ family offers cell counters for all research purposes. This instrument is very simple, easy to use, high efficiency cell counting with less time required to count the cells. The instrument parameters are so smart to be able to identify live cells, dead cells, cell density, cluster of cells, and cell size.

It brings your cells into the sharpest focus, adjusting light levels, capturing a high-resolution image and analyzing the image to produce accurate cell count and viability data. Cell counting has never been this easy with the Luna family of instruments. Live cells are tagged with green circles and dead cells are tagged with red circles, making it easy to verify the accuracy of each count.

How does it work?





Which Cell Counter is right for you?


LUNA-II™ Automated Cell Counter

Small yet powerful, the LUNA-II™ is cell counting convenience at its finest.
Simply insert your sample and the LUNA-II™ does the rest: autofocus, adjust light, and count in just 15 seconds.

LUNA-FL™ Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter

Equipped with dual fluorescence and brightfield optics, the LUNA-FL™ is a powerhouse. The LUNA-FL™ can assess cell counts, viability, and GFP transfection efficiency without being limited by cell type or size.

LUNA-FX7™ Automated Cell Counter

All new optics and upgraded software algorithm with high-speed and precision autofocus.
Options for a diverse range of slides (8-, 3-, 2-, 1-chamber formats).
Data transfer via Wi-Fi, USB device, or Ethernet.
CountWire™ software compliant with 21 CFR Part 11/GMP requirements.
New bioprocess monitoring feature and validation slides for QC.

LUNA-STEM™ Automated Fluorescence Cell Counter for Stem Cells & SVF

The LUNA-STEM™ takes adipose-derived stem cell and SVF samples to count live nucleated cells, dead nucleated cells, and non-nucleated cells with precision and consistency for downstream procedures.

LUNA-II YF™ Automated Yeast Cell Counter

The LUNA-II YF™ has an autofocusing cell counting and declustering algorithm that counts individual yeast cells in just 15 seconds.

Environmental mindset

The LUNA™ family of automated cell counters work with the LUNA™ Reusable Slide, being perfect for labs with an environmental mindset. Their disposable slides offer the ultimate counting experience. With no mess or cleanup, these precision slides are convenient and maintain the highest standard of cell counting accuracy. There are 1, 2, 3 or 8 chamber slides available. Saving time and costs counting multiple chambers at once.


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