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Mycoplasma is common bacteria, that can easily infect cell cultures and cause difference in their behavior. It’s important to not only test new cells, but also do regular testing of ongoing cell cultures. Mycoplasma testing is a good scientific practice, and it is requirement for publishing results in high impact journals. Mycoplasma infection can lead to genetic and phenotypic instability and cause false results.

Luckily, the mycoplasma testing is easy and fast with modern methods and can be performed by anyone working in the laboratory and getting the results takes less than 20 min.

MycoAlert® Mycoplasma Detection Assays kit and Lucetta 2 Luminometer

– fast and easy mycoplasma test results

The mycoplasma detection method developed by Lonza is based on detecting mycoplasmal enzymes that are not present in eukaryotic cells. The mycoplasmic enzyme is detected using a MycoAlert® Substrate, which catalyzes the conversion of ADP to ATP and then ATP is transferred to luciferase enzyme which transduces light signal.

The easiest way to detect the light signal from MycoAlert® test is to use Lucetta™ 2 Luminometer. It’s a portable single tube luminometer, that can be used for detecting bioluminescence and chemiluminescence. It has a ready-made program that gives immediate result from mycoplasma test, CLEAN, BORDERLINE or CONTAMINATED, but it can also be harnessed in any luminescence measurements, for instance cell toxicity and proliferation assays.

Benefits of using MycoAlert and Lucetta:

-Easy to use – regular testing can be performed by anyone

-Takes only 20 min!

-Lucetta™ 2 is portable, can be shared with several labs and used for other bioluminescence or chemiluminescence assays