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Enviromental Awareness

THE FOUNDATION of our environmental awareness is characterized by the appreciation, diversity and reproduction of our unique habitats.

Systems, substances and processes which link all organisms on earth must be appreciated, understood and preserved to maintain life on our planet.

We shall meet all possible requirements with regards to our size of operation and receources.

Our suppliers will be encouraged to maintain their environmental awareness and our customes shall be aware of environmentally friendly alternatives if available.

We are member of FTI (Former REPA) for packaging recycling.

are keywords for BioNordika and something we are proud to offer our customers.

is a concept that means local warehouse, local support and local language. For the end user in each country, this means an optimized service concept in all levels of contacts and communications.

Our product specialists and product managers have a scientific background to enable a high level of scientific communication relevant to our products, services and application.

WE OFFER integrated products within

  • Cell- & molecular biology
  • Immunology & diagnostics
  • Instruments & plastics
  • Customized products & projects