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Cell biology & Molecular biology

CELL BIOLOGY / MOLECULAR BIOLOGY TECHNIQUES are currently used as standard practice in medical and scientific research. Stem Cell Cultivation, Primary cells, PCR / Real time PCR and Next-Generation sequencing are a few examples.

BIONORDIKA represents a number of world leading manufacturers in this field. Development and innovation are concepts that our suppliers constantly have in focus, assisting researchers to understand the background of genetic and other complex diseases.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE FREQUENTLY USED in the Biotech and Pharma Industry to develop new substances and processes with the potential to become new drug candidates.

OUR SUPPLIERS AND MANUFACTURERS are mainly located in the USA and EU. We have established a well-functioning chain of logistics in close co-operation with all manufacturers in order to ensure fast and safe deliveries of temperature sensitive goods to our end users in the Nordic region.


are keywords for BioNordika

is a concept that means local warehouse, local support and local language. For the end user in each country, this means an optimized service concept in all levels of contacts and communications.

Our product specialists and product managers have a scientific background to enable a high level of scientific communication relevant to our products, services and application.