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Cayman Chemical is our supplier of a huge range of biochemicals, antibodies, proteins, small molecules and assay kits.

Their portfolio consists of 50 000 products for use in ELISA, measuring enzyme activity, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, mass spectrometry and western blot. Cayman Chemical is known for high purity and high quality.

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Cell Signaling Technology (CST) was founded by reserach scientists in 1999 and is a private, family-owned company that operates as a research institute developing quality products for other researchers. CST develops and produces antibodies, ELISA kits, ChIP kits, proteomic kits, and other reagents used to study cell signaling pathways that impact human health. Aside from product development and production, CST also maintains an in-house research program, mainly focusing on cancer research, and has published scientific papers in many peer-reviewed journals.