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Bronchial Air Liquid Interface system provides scientists with a unique tool to investigate new areas of airway epithelial research in a more physiologically relevant way.  BioNordika together with Lonza provides you with cells, media and protocols for a successful air-liquid interface culture.

By using an air-liquid interface culture, the next generation tool of in vitro respiratory research, scientists can explore bronchial airway epithelial cell differentiation and apply therapies in novel ways.

Lonza’s Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

Respiratory epithelium is difficult to grow as it requires a well-maintained polarizing air‐liquid interface (ALI) to maintain differentiation. Using a rotating bioreactor for scalable culture and differentiation of Respiratory Epithelium, Raredon et al. describe a scalable and easy method to conduct air-liquid interface with Lonza’s bronchial epithelial cells guaranteed for ALI differentiation (Cat. No. CC-2540S).

B-ALI medium and Bulletkit

The Lonza B-ALI BulletKit (Cat. no. 00193514) promotes full differentiation of the airway epithelium. Expressed by the formation of a polarized epithelium with good barrier function (transepithelial resistance), secretory phenotype (mucin secretion) and ciliogenesis, when used with bronchial epithelial cells (CC-2540S).

The B-ALI Bullekit contains everything required for air-liquid interface differentiation of bronchial epithelial cells; Growth Basal Medium, Differentiation Medium and SingleQuots Kit.