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SensoLyte® Assay kits – Accurately Measure Enzyme Activity!

Get familiar with Anaspec SensoLyte® Assay kits

The Assay Kits product line includes many sensitive FRET based assays designed for activity detection of specific proteases and other enzymes. ELISAs are also available. The portfolio targets a wide range of biomarkers for drug discovery and inhibitor screening including key tar- gets of disease/research areas such as neuroscience, cancer, diabetes, etc.

Research/disease areas:

  •  Neuroscience
  •  Cardiovascular
  •  Cancer & Apoptosis
  •  Adhesion & ECM
  •  Epigenetics
  •  Cell and Tissue Biology
  •  Diabetes & Metabolism
  •  Viral & Bacterial
  •  Cell Viability & Cytotoxicity

Enzyme target list:

  •  MMPs and Elastase

  •  Secretase, ADAM and ADAMTS

  •  Amyloid degrading proteases

  •  Caspases, calpain and granzymes

  •  Cathepsins

  •  Renin

  •  Thrombin, plasmin, Factor Xa, Kallikrein  HDACs and sirtuins

  •  Viral/Bacterial Protease Assay Kits-

  • HIV, HCV, TEV, WNV, Sortase, Furin, SARS-CoV-2

  •  Phosphatase

SensoLyte® Assay kits benefits:

  • Optimized for highly sensitive detection of enzyme activities

  • Compatible with high throughput screening (HTS)

  • One-step homogeneous assays

  • Convenient mix-and-read formats (for select proteases)

  • Assays kits produced under ISO 9001:2015 guidelines

  • SensoLyte® specialized services available

Want to know more about what Anaspec offers?

Anaspec specializes in the manufacturing of custom and catalog Peptides,
Assay Kits, Fluorescent Dyes, Amino Acids, and more.

Their selection of in-stock catalog products is focused into multiple research
niches such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Multi- ple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Cancer,
Epigenetics and many others. Anaspec expertly and routinely integrate individual
prod- uct elements such as unusual amino acids, dyes, etc., to produce tailor-made
solutions according to the customer’s specifications.

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