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About us

We offer advanced and innovative products within Life Science

THE BIONORDIKA GROUP covers eight markets in the Nordic/Baltic countries. We have a long and stable relationship as a distributor for many world-leading suppliers/ manufacturers for the Life Science community.

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Visions and Goals

OUR VISION is to be the best life science supplier in our business segment, built on the highest possible quality of products, services, and deliveries.


Quality at all levels

BEST QUALITY & SERVICE are keywords for BioNordika and something we are proud to offer our customers.

Environmental Awareness

THE FOUNDATION of our environmental awareness is characterized by the appreciation, diversity, and reproduction of our unique habitats.


Dedicated and High Technical Knowledge


Helpful Customer Service

Our Customer Service helps you by phone and email regarding any subject where we find solutions that fit your needs. If you are unsure we direct you to the right person at BioNordika.

Sales teams with expert knowledge

Our Product Specialists are scientists that have years of experience. We are always up-to-date regarding new products and can guide you to the best solutions for you.

Our ISO Certifications:

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