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About BioNordika

THE BIONORDIKA GROUP was founded during 1986-1989. We currently employ around 40 people in the five offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia and Finland with the idea of being an “interface of science” between advance niche life science product/services suppliers and our customers in Scandinavia/Nordics via a streamlined platform.

OUR STATEMENT “SCIENCE WHERE YOU ARE” represents a unique combination of life science Premium Brands of products being stored, supported and marketed locally. Our wide offering of products and services focus in the areas of Cell & Molecular Biology, Immunology & Diagnostics, Instruments & Disposables and Custom Products & Projects.

The BioNordika group is owned by AddLife- Development and belongs to AddLife’s Labtech Division. AddLife consists of 46 companies operation primarily within the Nordic Life Science market.

are keywords for BioNordika and something we are proud to offer our customers.

is a concept that means local warehouse, local support and local language. For the end user in each country, this means an optimized service concept in all levels of contacts and communications.

Our product specialists and product managers have a scientific background to enable a high level of scientific communication relevant to our products, services and application.

WE OFFER integrated products within

  • Cell- & molecular biology
  • Immunology & diagnostics
  • Instruments & plastics
  • Customized products & projects