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About BioNordika

Founded 1986-1989

THE BIONORDIKA GROUP was founded during 1986-1989. Starting up as different companies In vitro Sweden AB, Medinova Scientific AS and Medprobe AS and our sister companies in Finland and Baltics united under the same company name, BioNordika, in 2011. The BioNordika group is owned by AddLife- Development and belongs to AddLife’s Labtech Division. AddLife consists of more than 46 companies operating primarily within the European Life Science market.

BioNordika Group

We currently employ around 40 people in the five offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, and Finland with the idea of being an interface of science between advanced niche life science product/services suppliers and our customers in the Nordics and Baltics via a streamlined platform. Scientific knowledge is a cornerstone in our structure, and we are highly educated to be able to support, discuss, and guide researchers to the right choices in their strive for excellent research.

BioNordika Office Building

Science Where You Are

OUR STATEMENT “SCIENCE WHERE YOU ARE” represents a unique combination of life science Premium Brands of products being stored, supported, and marketed locally. Our head office, with customer support and warehouse, is located at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. We also have an office in Lund covering the southwest of Sweden. We believe it should be easy to order, get technical support, or reach out to your personal contact for support and help with your specific problem.

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