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Introducing HTG Molecular Diagnostics

Experience a Revolution in Molecular Profiling with HTG EdgeSeq

Simple. Fast. Reliable. Reproducible.

Covid-19 Research Tools

Tremendous research efforts are currently being made on COVID-19 and particularly key molecules of SARS-CoV-2 mechanism of action. We want to support COVID-19 research as much as we can and have therefore put up a list of relevant research tools.

Want to explore protein-DNA interactions?

Cell Signaling Technology now offers products for CUT&RUN (Cleavage Under Target & Release Using Nuclease), a versatile and powerful technique for analyzing protein-DNA interactions.

NEB catalogue 2019/2020

Want to experience the new catalogue in AR?
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How low can you go?

Introducing the NEBNext® Single Cell/Low Input RNA Library Prep Kit – full length transcript sequencing from ultra-low input samples, including single cells.

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PolyPlus jetOPTIMUS®

Get a 20% Discount on jetOPTIMUS®. Improve your DNA transfections with Polyplus jetOPTIMUS®.


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OUR SUPPLIERS AND MANUFACTURERS are mainly located in the USA and EU. We have established a well-functioning chain of logistics in close co-operation with all manufacturers in order to ensure fast and safe deliveries of temperature sensitive goods to our end users in the Nordic region.


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